About the project

The history of a scientific university is also and above all the history of the people who have worked, taught and researched at it. The Braunschweiger Professor*innen-Katalog is a biographical online database about the professors, private lecturers and honorary professors of the Technische Universität Braunschweig and its predecessor institutions since 1745. 12 teachers taught at the Collegium Carolinum back then - today more than 240 professors work at the TU. Documenting their origins, educational backgrounds, fields of research and the most important biographical information is an essential basis for researching the history of the university.

In preparation for the great 250th anniversary of the foundation in 1995, work on a Catalogus Professorum Brunsvicensis began as early as the 1970s - two printed volumes with a directory of the teaching staff from 1745 to 1945 were the result:

The idea developed further. The printed catalogues became the comprehensive and online available Braunschweiger Professor*innen-Katalog, which is more than a biographical handbook. The directory lists all teaching staff employed at the TU and its predecessor institutions (see: About the project/Project documentation/Admission criteria). The database is just as much a tool for searching for a specific person as it is an instrument for statistical evaluation and for linking and visualising networks.

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