Project documentation

Admission criteria

The Braunschweig Professor Catalogue includes those persons who have been active as professors, habilitated private lecturers or honorary professors since the days of the Collegium Carolinum in 1745. Not included were lecturers without a private lectureship or habilitation, visiting professors, rectors and other office holders without a professorship or corresponding teaching activity, research assistants, post-docs and project workers as well as such teachers who were not mainly active at the TH, TU or PH Braunschweig, or seconded teachers. In volume 1 of the Braunschweig Catalogue, published in 1986, all professors, lecturers, teachers and lecturers as well as court masters (Hofmeister), syndici (Syndici), curators (Kuratoren), directors (Direktor*innen) and assistant teachers, assistants and intendants (Intendant*innen) were recorded from 1745 to 1877. These entries, as well as all entries in volume 2 (1991, 1877-1945), were taken over in their entirety.


Time periods

TU Braunschweig and predecessor institutions​

Collegium Carolinum (1745-1808)

Königlich-Westphälische Militärschule Braunschweig (1808-1814)

Collegium Carolinum (1814-1862)

Polytechnicum (1862-1877)

Technische Hochschule (1878-1967)

Technische Universität (seit 1968)


University College of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule) and predecessor institutions​

Bernhard-Rust-Hochschule für Lehrerbildung (1937-1942)

Lehrerbildungsanstalt (1942-1945)

Pädagogische Hochschule (1945-1969)

PH Niedersachsen, Abt. Braunschweig (1969-1978)


Creation and structure of entries

Input with date fields

All items are given in chronological order. In the date fields, if possible, always the entire period of an activity or affiliation is given. If a single year is given, it is usually either the beginning of an event or a relatively short biographical station, but this is usually recognisable in the context of the entire biography. If periods of time are indicated with "ab" (from) or "bis" (to), the beginning or end could not yet be determined. All activities still continuing into the present are indicated with "seit" (since).


If facilities, institutes, professorships, etc. have been renamed after or while professors and lecturers were working there, the historically correct name is given; the same applies to the historically correct spelling of activities. Ambiguities are indicated by a (?) symbol.


Surname, first name (Nachname, Vorname)
The surname and all known first names are given; name additions as well as name variants are given in brackets. If the surname has changed due to marriage, the maiden name is given in brackets and with "geb." (born).

Academic titles (Akademische Titel)
All academic titles and honorary titles are listed, even if they were acquired before or after the time in Braunschweig. If no doctorate exists or is known, the next lower existing academic title is given. For explanations of the titles, see the list of abbreviations (About the project/List of abbreviations).

Professor in Braunschweig (Professor*in in Braunschweig)
The total activity as a professor or lecturer in Braunschweig and the corresponding period in chronological order are always indicated. The specified period of time and the total period of time displayed in the hit list refer exclusively to the activity on the basis of which the admission to the catalogue was made (see About the project/Admission criteria). Any previous employment, e.g. as a research assistant at an institute in Braunschweig, is included in the short biography as a station.

Faculty (Fakultät)
Listed is the membership in the various faculties during the entire teaching activity in Braunschweig.

Areas of teaching and research (Lehr- und Forschungsgebiete)
Keywords on focal points of academic activity and the topics of teaching (lectures, seminars, etc.).

Life data (Lebensdaten)
The date and place of birth and the date and place of death are given. The places are given in the form valid at the respective time (with explanations if necessary).

Family (Familie)
Listed are parents, spouses, children, siblings and other relatives and reference persons important in the biographical and academic context. For relatives born in the past 100 years, for whom the date of death is not known or whose death occurred less than 10 years ago, no names and dates are given for reasons of data privacy and protection.

Short biography (Kurzbiographie)
Starting with school attendance, the relevant biographical stages are given with place (if known) and, in the case of work abroad, with country, as well as the further course of life and career, even after employment in Braunschweig. The available information is sometimes more, sometimes less complete. If the personal data protection periods (up to 10 years after death) have not yet expired, only selected information or information released by the persons concerned themselves is made available.

Academic degrees (Akademische Abschlüsse)
Listed are (as far as known) all academic degrees with details of the academic degree, the type of degree or the subject area, the examiner, the institution and the title of the thesis. Activities leading to the acquisition of a degree (e.g. activity as a doctoral student or as a research assistant) are listed under short biography.

Academic self-administration (Akademische Selbstverwaltung)
Listed are all activities, offices and functions in the academic self-administration of the TU Braunschweig during the professorship or teaching activity. This includes, in particular: Head of institute, rector, prorector, dean, vice-dean, board of directors, memberships in the faculty council and senate. Memberships in committees and commissions, activities in study and research organisations are generally listed under "other functions".

Other functions (Weitere Funktionen)
Listed are active secondary activities in committees, research institutions, associations, foundations, university-related institutions, politics, etc.

Scientific memberships (Wissenschaftliche Mitgliedschaften)
Listed are memberships and elective memberships in scientific and other societies, associations, academies etc. with an indication of the approximate type of activity in brackets.

Honourings (Ehrungen)
Listing of important scientific and other awards and prizes, as well as honorary doctorates, professorships and memberships, and war awards.

Further information (Weitere Informationen)
Other important biographical information that cannot be assigned to the other headings, e.g. research trips and patents, but also war service and special events.

References (Quellen)
The sources used to compile the entry, such as course catalogues, personnel files and literature used.

Internet resources (Internet-Ressourcen)
Link to websites, databases and portals based on the GND, as well as a link to the Digital Library of the UB Braunschweig.

Created/modified (Eingestellt/geändert):
Date of creation and last editing of the entry.


Sources and basis of research

Processing period: 1745-1945

For the period 1745-1945, the entries in the existing catalogue volumes were adopted. The references and sources given, are based on these. Since some of the sources in the volumes were only given in general terms or in coded form, more precise references are still pending in individual cases. In addition, for the period between 1930 and 1945, the publications by Michael Wettern and Daniel Weßelhöft, "Opfer nationalsozialistischer Verfolgung an der Technischen Hochschule Braunschweig 1930 bis 1945" (Hildesheim et al. 2010, Veröffentlichungen der Technischen Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig, 5) and by Daniel Weßelhöft, "Von fleißigen Mitmachern, Aktivisten und Tätern. Die Technische Hochschule Braunschweig im Nationalsozialismus" (Hildesheim et al. 2012, Veröffentlichungen der Technischen Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig, 6) were used.

Processing period: 1945-1978

For the period 1946-1978, biographical information and publications on the professors and lecturers were researched and entries created on the basis of the already analysed faculty directories of the lecture registers of the TH Braunschweig. Information from the personnel files of the university archive and other archival sources, which have yet to be made accessible, will be added successively. The same applies to the teachers of the PH.

Processing period: after 1978

The names of the persons to be included were researched using the TU Braunschweig course catalogues and records from the university's personnel administration and, initially on the basis of biographical encyclopaedias and the TU website (incl. TU BS Magazin), the entries were created, which are gradually being completed and added to.

The directory is not only retrospective, but should also reflect the university in the present. This means constant further development and maintenance. Only with valid and, if possible, complete information can the professorial catalogue (ProfKat) develop its full value. One of the most important tasks is linking it to other directories, portals, databases and digital services. The updating of the GND numbers and the provision of further standardised data (especially locations and GeoID) form the basis for interlinking. There will also be further offers for subsequent use.