Two printed catalogues of professors at the TU Braunschweig have already been published, covering the period 1745-1945, and were compiled as part of previous projects. The following staff members were involved in the development of the digital Braunschweiger Professor*innen-Katalog:

Management, project conception and development​

Klaus Oberdieck (2014-2018)
Claudia Bei der Wieden (2018-2020)
Tanja Wolf (since 2021)

Project coordination

Lars Strominski (2014-2016)
Andrea-Mareike Fenner (2018-2020)
David Behrens (2023)

Technical development​

Carsten Elsner (since 2018)
Mathias Kissler (since 2018)
Robert Stephan (since 2018)
Lennard Golsch (since 2020)

Editing of the entries

Luca Burzig (2018-2020)
Sarah Westerfelhaus (2019-2020)
Raphael Kasten (2019-2020)
Muhtesin Sogukpinar (2020)
Christoper Kozlovski (2020)
Joanne Burgdorff (2020)
Christian Sorge (since 2020)
Michael Wrehde (since 2021)
David Behrens (2021-2023)

Contact persons

You have questions, suggestions or additions? You are welcome to make use of the Feedback-Feature in the individual entries or to contact us directly:

Universitätsarchiv der TU Braunschweig
Tel: +49 531 391 5033